At least we're not ALL idiots (or are we?)

Google Analytics tells me that some guy landed on my sites ( by searching on Google for -- get a hold of this -- "romanian idiot programmer".

If you're that guy, please please write me. I'm dying to know you.

When the logic factor meets the human factor

"You say there are two types of people?"

"Yes, those who separate people into two groups and those that don't."

"Wrong. There are three groups: Those who separate people into three groups. Those who don't separate people into groups. Those who can't decide."

"Wait a minute, what about people who separate people into two groups?"

"Oh. Okay, then there are four groups."

"Aren't you then separating people into four groups?"


"So then there's a fifth group, right?"

"You know, the problem is these idiots who can't make up their minds."