Marry Me! (seria 1, ep.3)

Cu mailul asta am primit si un attachment, o fetita in rochita rosie cu buline albe care probabil habar nu are...

For the beginning I would like to be presented, my name is Tatyana to
me of 27 years. I write to you from Russia from city Omsk. I
think, that it will be very interesting to you to know where I have
taken yours e-mail address. Yours e-mail address has given to
me by agency of acquaintances of our city. They have said that you as is
lonely as well as I. They simply have given me your address and have
said, that I would try to write you and get answer. In this
letter I shall send you a photo so, that you can see me what I is. If
you really like my photos then write to me the letter and send me your
photos. I think, that we need try to find out each other as there
can be it destiny (smile)! Now I shall not write very much I simply
want to begin our correspondence. I think, that all will be good also we
become the friends for the beginning.  Please write to me
on my personal e-mail I finish this letter and I
hope to receive from you the answer.
All most good Tatyana.

Traduceri naucitoare la TV

Ma uit, intr-o doara (pentru ca am vazut toate episoadele de vreo 3-4 ori) la Stargate SG1, pe National TV.

Are loc un dialog intr-un fel de nava, si unul din piloti (Jonas Quinn) zice: "Turn down the RPM!" Adica, mai pe romaneste, "redu turatia motoarelor!" (RPM = rotatii pe minut, adica turatie).

Traducatorul cel cult s-a apucat sa caute pe Google ce-i aia RPM si a gasit: RedHat Package Manager. Adica aplicatia cu care se instaleaza si dezinstaleaza chestii pe Linux.

Fara sa i se para nicio clipa ciudat, a scris in subtitrari: "Opreste managerul de pachete!"

Pe cuvintul meu! Am ramas total mut... Va puteti uita in reluare dimineata la 11 sa va convingeti... 

Marry Me! (seria 1, ep.2)

Am priza la rusoaice. Prezint potential de "hlaf" secundar.



I was surfing site and I saw your profile.
I am very interested in your profile.
The target of my search are new friends. I'd love to communicate with kind person
who will understand me and who will share my thought and we had alike thoughts.
I am single and I'd love to find the man with whom I will be able to create more close relation than simple friendship.
Possibly it seems unbelievable but I want to find my second hlaf.
I couldn't find my soulmate here. And I decided to find some one by Internet.
If you are interested to communicate with me I can give you my private email address:

My E-mail:

Or you can give me your email address.
Sincerely yours Natalya!!!