Analiză lexicografică princiară

Am făcut o analiză lexicografică pe toate discursurile publice ale prințului Radu al României Duda, de cînd și-a anunțat candidatura. Am obținut transcrierile de pe blogul dînsului. Bănuiesc că a avut mai multe apariții publice decît sînt acolo pe blog, dar eu doar la alea am avut acces.

Analiza are la bază un total de 15911 de cuvinte ne-unice, care au cel puțin 2 litere. Din astea am scos unele cuvinte care nu au relevanță statistică și am cumulat sinonimele. (Nu e așa complicat pe cît sună.)

Am obținut rezultatul de mai jos:

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100 reasons why ZOC beats iTerm

Today I got tired of the slow scrolling of iTerm when there are ANSI colours on the screen (like the Rails app log), so I started shopping around for alternatives. Soon I found ZOC.

Advantages (in no particular order):

0. It works on Windows and Macs. (For Windows users, replace iTerm with Putty and Mac with crap.)

1. You can [enable an option to] doubleclick wherever in a command line and it'll move the cursor straight there. No more arrows keys, waiting 1 minute to reach that single letter you want to change in that huge command line.

2. You can use a proprietary scripting language (REXX) complete with recording capabilities to automate tasks. No programming necessary at all.

3. You can scroll a lot faster than iTerm, even with ANSI colours.

4. You can enable "Snippets", a handy little window that will extract stuff you're likely to be needing again during a terminal session (like IP addresses, OS versions, URLs etc.)

5. It has a much smarter clipboard which you can configure for example to automatically paste right after you copy something, or to trim ending newlines (you know you need this!)

6. You can program autoresponses. Not only in the form of sending back text, but even to run a local program or [REXX] script, etc. Leave your Mac connected to the server, and go to another computer; ssh to the same server, wall or write to your Mac from the console and it'll start VNC for you, or an FTP server, or format the harddisk. So you don't need to allow incoming SSH to your Mac anymore.

7. You can log to a file. Just ran an important script and forgot to redirect output someplace? No problem now.

8. It can ask for a password after a few minutes of idle -- yes, you can also use your screensaver for this, but that'll lock the entire computer, not just your terminal sessions.

9. You can define bookmarks in groups and assign REXX scripts, SSH keys etc. to them. Doing something often? Record it once, do it with a single click from then on.

10. It has embedded SCP so you can send/receive files without typing any commands! Now you can download that big SQL dump from the production server to your computer in 2 clicks. (Or upload!)

11. It supports very cool command line parameters.

12. You can create desktop icons for your connections.

13. You can select blocks (rectangles) on the screen into the clipboard (holding Alt). Copy a single column from a SELECT result!

14. You can APPEND to the text already in the clipboard by holding Ctrl when selecting!

15. You can paste without line breaks.

16. You can edit clipboard contents.

17. You can send the same command to all tabs in the current window. (Yes, iTerm can do that also, but ZOC does it nicer.)

100. You can use it with a modem to connect to your favourite BBS :D

Major disadvantage:
$79.99 (5% discount for at least 5 licenses).

Get it here:

The evaluation version fully works for 30 days, but not necessarily consecutive (now isn't that thoughtful?)

Parada Portului Popular

Azi la Blaj am avut parte de costume populare și a fost foarte frumos.