Homemade Jewel Store Commercial

Out of the blue, I produced a commercial for a fictional jewelry called (what else) Acme Jewels.

The idea came to me -- while I was taking a bath, which is when I get ideas -- that a power tool is to men kinda like what jewelry is to women: sometimes you use it maybe 5 times in all your life, but you just must have it.

So I shot a little commercial about it.

Because my evil twin was unavailable, I had to make do all by myself. And because I don't have a digital camera, I used my mobile phone. All editing was then done with Final Cut Pro. Image quality is exactly what you'd expect from a decent phone camera, and nothing more.

On the soundtrack I've used Steve Vai's "Frangelica Part II", from the album "Sound Theories". May not be the absolute best fit, but it's close enough.

At almost 3 minutes it's too long for a TV ad, but Internet commercials of comparable size aren't uncommon. Shooting took me about an hour; editing a little more.

Your thoughts? :)

The clip is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vufTTVlbuck&fmt=6