"Monty Python" Customer Service

My office phone service is from Smartcall.ro. Because of a problem with my telephone, they suspended my account and I called the number on the smartcall.ro website to have it fixed. The guy who took the call was dumbfounded.

He: "Who did you say was your operator again?"

I: "You are! Smartcall!" (was gonna say "smartarse")

He: "(wtf pause)... ok, what's this Smartcall? Is it like on smartcall.ro?"

I: "(bigger wtf pause) Sir, are you taking the piss?"

He: "Well this is the first time I hear of Smartcall. You've reached NextGen."

I: "Ok, what's this NextGen?! I called Smartcall, the number from their website!"

He: "Oh, NextGen is just a tiny company attached to Romtelecom."

I: "Well good luck to you. But still I dialled Smartcall. Number's on the website, you can check. Did NextGen purchase Smartcall or anything?"

He: "Dunno, it's the first time I ever hear of Smartcall!"

I: "But I've called this number before and had my problems taken care of!"

He: "Hm. Ok, I'll ask someone in Bucharest to call you back, maybe they know what this Smartcall is."

They haven't called so far. I suspect everyone's busy trying to figure out just who the hell they work for...